With every client I’ve ever worked with, a few key words are always given back through their feedback; relaxed, intimate, natural, modern, romantic and timeless. These have become my mantra, and I approach every wedding with this 

focus. I strive to bring you photos that you will look back on in the years to come with just as much love as you do when you First receive them. That you will hang proudly in your home and share with family and friends long into the future.

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I believe it’s important to meet my clients for us to not be strangers on your wedding day. I will be spending most of your special day with you, so it’s really important we have an understanding and synchronised approach but most of all, you feel confident in knowing how I work. I am located in Skye (approx. 40 mins from  Melbourne) and am available most evenings to meet. I am also available via Skype.

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